Feb 27, 2009

Bath Design

Retro is always a popular flow in the design. Retro bath curtain can add a great, classic look to any of those boring bathrooms. Retro style is hard to beat. The vintage design of the first half of the XX century has a it’s own artistic look. Nothing like that is available today. Retro fashion is pretty popular in a field of interior design. Many people missing the bathroom when remodeling their homes. But the bathroom is the easiest room for decorating in a retro style. Retro bath curtain can add a clearly visible classy touch. It going to impress everyone who enters your bathroom.
If you are a fan of funny and bright furnishings, you are going to adore furnishing your bath with vintage accessories and patterns. Vintage furnishings adds a sense of history to your interior that brings a new life to your dwelling. But where to find retro furnishings? Where to get a vintage-looking bath curtain? When looking for a retro furnishings forgot about major furnishing shops and chain stores. To find a classic-looking bath curtain (or any other bathroom accessories) you’ll need to dig a little deeper.
Vintage auctions is a good choice to look for a retro bath curtain and other classic accessories for your bathroom. When buying at auction, the best chance of locating quality items will be through online auctions. eBay.com is the major one. Spend some time searching items you are looking for on the eBay. This simple process will reveal a huge number of good choices for bath curtains curtains and other classic bathroom accessories. When baying a retro bathroom curtain on eBay, it is important not to be blamed in a “bidding war” with other users. To get a good deal on eBay, just bid your price and stick to it. If other person get’s over the item you wanted, do not sweat it. For sure - there is another item just like that one coming up for auction in no time! Internet auctions is a worldwide resources with millions of users. There always an interesting vintage bath accessories to bid on. If there is nothing today, there for sure will be something tomorrow! Spend little time and you’ll get a perfect retro bath curtain for your bathroom. The flea market in your neighborhood is going to be your other choice when seeking for a retro bathroom curtain. Flea markets often contain many items of “classic” design. With a little time and effort there is a chance to find a few gems in the rubbish . he best vintage-looking accessories (like bath curtains), can be found at the out-of-the-way flea market stalls (those that are not so popular). Please remember, that flea market sellers expect you to negotiate. Never just pay the listed price without making an offer first. There might be a surprise for your, but flea market sellers are glad to get as less of 50% of their initial price for an item. Don’t be shy to haggle - flea market vendors expect this. Truly speaking - haggle it is an important part of the flea market lifestyle

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